Tom Draughon Kids On The Mountain

Old Time Appalachian music for kids AND adults alike! Each tune is preceeded by a dialogue from Emma and Micah, two pioneer kids growing up in the Smokies or Blue Ridge Mountains in the 1800's. These tell about their lifestyle and set the stage for the song. Includes:"The Wild Hog in the Woods", "Sourwood Mountain", "Shady Grove", "Buck Mountain", "Little Rabbit" and more. 25 tracks, 13 songs and fiddle tunes.
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Table of Contents

  1. Where We Live
  2. Sing Song Kitty
  3. Whistlepigs
  4. Groundhog
  5. Barter and Money
  6. Muskrat
  7. Winter
  8. Sourwood Mountain
  9. Animals
  10. Old Bell Cow
  11. Bears and Wild Pigs
  12. Wild Hog in the Woods
  13. Rabbits
  14. Little Rabbit
  15. Toys
  16. Shady Grove
  17. Chickens
  18. Cluck Old Hen
  19. Chores
  20. I Wish I Was A Mole in the Ground/ Soldier's Joy
  21. Hill Folk
  22. Johnson Boys
  23. Ol' Dan
  24. Old Dan Tucker
  25. Buck Mountain